Look of the Day, January 15, 2010


I feel like Velma today, so I decided to wear Artilleri’s Paula glasses with the red Bang Bang Bob in mango from Lamb… that’s instant cartoony, geeky Grazia. To stay with the Scooby Doo theme I’m wearing Beauty Avatar’s Daphne (honestly… I only realised the connection now, I didn’t pick it on purpose, I just liked it with this look).

The lovely sweater dress is Tuli, from Elate and Coco’s black flight jacket is one of my favourites this season. Both the brown and this black version are a go to for many an outfit that needs a bit of attitude. Also from Coco is the black leather belt. These awesome Pia leggings are VERY soon to be released at Michami. Milla has moved her shop to a new sim and has made new stuff, which I am honoured to have modeled for the lovely Ms. Michinaga. Whatch her blog later today for the announcement on the re-opening of Michami!

Slurls can be found here.

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