Look of the Day, February 9, 2010


I went over to Nyte ‘n Day earlier and picked up this lovely pink Snap dress. Nyte just never disappoints on the cute casuals. Since I started roam SL, I’ve been a regular customer. I just love that at Nyte ‘n Day you can still buy a totally cute dress like this for under 200 L$.

I’m wearing it with Atomic’s ribbon legging which were a VIP group New Years gift. The Geisha belt is from Fishy Strawberry. The pink Saturday flats are from Shiny things. I really wish Fally would come back and create again. I’m such a sucker for her shoes.

I’m still wearing Roos today, Dutch Touch’s latest skin in cream (city make up) and the Opium hair is from The Abyss and was a part from the Opium avatar. I don’t know whether it’s available separately.

Slurls can be found here.

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