Look of the Day, February 9, 2009


LOTD090209, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

So, yeah… Siddean invited me the other day to come try her new platform shoes -feet included- and i was like “no way!….no frankenfeet for me!!” “just come and try” she said… so like a good girl, I went over and tried the demo on. I admit, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy I could avvicinate my skintone. Of course,if you use a SLink skin, it gets even easier, because Siddean has made presets for those. But even without using them,It was fairly easy to get it right. And with a little moving and tinkering, I could make them look pretty good. But still… hmmm…and then she released a special valentine’s version for only L$ 100, so I figured, what the heck, and I got me a pair. Ok, 2 pair, as I also picked up the blacks. I’m wearing it here with the skimpy Sophie mini dress from SkinFlicks and the bangles and earrings from Zaara.

Today’s hair is Harlow, from Cake. and the lovely Lustre skin is from Pixeldeep.

Sorry… slurls have to wait.. rl is calling!

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