Look of the Day. February 7,2009


LOTD090207, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Sela, from Luminosity, is one of those old outfits that so far survives every inventory purge,and that’s because I love the skirt and every once in a while, I still really like wearing it.Like today, with the alabaster Cole top from Whippet&Buck (soon to be released) and the lovely Courtesan corset from LoveLace, the yearly lingerie collab between Launa Fauna and Nephilaine Protagonist. I Accessorised with the Ruma necklace and the Florinagon bangles from Shiny Things’ Florina set. The shoes are Maitreya’s brown Verves.

I’m wearing Efe light tan from PXL Creations, which was released earlier today after a mob of crazed fashionistas threathened to obduct Mr.Larsson if he didn’t make Efe available in a lighter skintone as well ( ok, I’m exagerated… but he did get a LOT of requests) and Truth‘s Louisa pigtails in Java, still on sale til the end of the month for 50 L$ for a colour pack, and 300L$ for “The Whole Truth”.

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