Look of the Day, February 24, 2010


[22:22] Jori Watler: we need to go there
[ 22:22] Jori Watler: Concrete Flowers

And we did… I got an adorable penis lollipop (unsure) on the local lucky chair, and after my G, Jori was the lucky girl too with  and got that very same gift. So don’t believe her EVER again when she says she doesn’t get any. But goofing aside, and it IS a shop full of goof and gadgets, there is also a collection of really wearable clothes. I couldn’t resist this striped Popanz Knit top (colour 1) and a number of other items, which I’m sure will make it to the blog sooner or later.

I’m wearing it with Reek’s Laundry Day Hoodie and Tiny Bird’s matching Laundry Day hair in Bistre. I’m in love with Surf Couture’s latest releases, and these shack shorts are among them, as are the boardwalk shoes, which I’ve featured in a LOTD post a couple of days ago, and likely will feature again in the coming days, because I just can’t seem to leave them off for long.

Today’s skin is Lapine Laudanum from L. Fauna (tan 1).

SLurls can be found here.

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