Look of the Day, February 24, 2009


LOTD090224, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Mimikri calls this latest outfit of hers Moo! But actually it reminds me more of a giraffe print, than cow print. That being said I’m wearing the system skirt version of Moo in this lovely acqua/blue colour (she also made a prim skirt version). When I was thinking about how to accesorize it, I wanted a bold, almost exotic look, so I paired it with some cerise/pink items like Blaze’s pumps in Rose (tinted a bit to make them match better), Ivalde’s Birla violet/red belt, and Lucas Lameth’s Nalah long necklace in pink

I’m wearing Aden’s gen 4 in dark tan because of the way Mimikri did the arm cut. It’s fairly wide, and Aden’s skin reveals the breast muscle so well ( yeah, I know…I’m kinda obsessed with it) and the hair is Exile’s Helena in Twilight.

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