Look of the Day, February 18, 2010


Pulling a fierce look for today’s post, it started with 5th & Oxford’s The Tease corset, which is really awesome in a strong, sexy look because of the vibrant, rich colours it was made in and I’m wearing Fri.day’s new low rise jeans (light) with it.

I was at Connors’earlier and picked up their black leather coat and I think it works very well with the other parts of this outfit. The thigh high boots are from J’s (by J.B. Gazov). The Androgynous earrings are from Fairy Tail. The fully sculpt and awesome butterfly sunglasses are from GOS.

I’m wearing the Kanji Krazy 1 tattoo from HUZ Tats and the black manicure from PXL Creations and MADesigns’ Seth in smooth brown III on my Maan skin (copper make up) from Dutch touch.

SLurls can be found here.

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