Look of the Day, February 17, 2010


Today’s look, once again, is about being comfortable and cozy… and a little but about spring, even if it still seems far away where I live. But Emma from Surf Couture has released the cutest Boardwalkers (shown in Hemp) which I was just dying to show off. So I’m wearing them with Coco’s Loose flair jeans and Tres Blah’s Neato shirt, which I really think Juliette should make in like 1 million colours!.

Under the shirt, the Moana bikini from Surf Couture in Pretty Berry and Flowey’s be still my heart tattoo.

Kavar Cleanslate from Exile has been working his hawt pixel butt of on new hair textures, and they are AWESOME!!!! I’m wearing Amelia here in Marble, and it looks so good… so natural. Maan from Dutch Touch has been promoted to my (current) default skin. I feel so “me” when I wear this skin. Violet is today’s make up.

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