Look of the Day, February 11, 2010


I’ve picked quite a sunny look for today, with the bright orange Hallie sweater from Skin Flicks, with a wonderfully sculpted off shoulders attachment (3, to be exact, for better fitting) and, also from Skin Flicks, the beige Hallie pants (high waist, trousers & shorts version included).

The orange Dalia pumps from Armidi are still among my favourites for looks like this. The gorgeous collar is Akhal from alaMood, which has been lurking in my inventory ever since the jewelry fair.

Lately, I’ve seen quite a lot of this hair around. It’s Baby, from Analog Dog, and while the alpha channels drive me totally crazy, the curls look so pretty! Also the textures look way better these days than last time I tried Analog Dog hair!! Jolie (coffee, Autumn) from Dutch Touch is the skin I’m wearing with this look. I just think orange looks best on a darker skin.

SLurls can be found here.

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