Look of the Day, February 23,2009


LOTD092023, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I know! I know I’ve worn Tesla’s Kensington boots paired with shorts just the other week…but I really like the combination. And when Twiggy Whippet, of Whippet & Buck, sent me these cute shorts… the boots were on before I knew it. The Stein shorts, worn in Van Cleef here, will be available once they open their new shop on Imogen, but in the meantime there are a few items in their small shop at Festivale. I’m wearing them here with Armidi’s white Cambridge shirt and Maitreya’s brown long scarf. The jewelry I’m wearing is from Shiny Things’ Florina set.

I picked Boon’s UEJ006 hair in chocolate and PXL Creations’ Grace in sunkissed, with the beautiful new wine lipcolour.

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  1. Recognised the scarf right off, nicely put together. (I really should have gotten the darned fat pack!) Didn’t know it would look that good with the cambridge. (Which is why I read these blogs heh) Great boots, and love the hair. Ty 🙂

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