Look of the Day, December 3, 2008


LOTD081203, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Emery has some cute funky things in the shop, but I’m not such a cute funky girl, and not really drawn to the 80’s junkie popstar look. It’s a look that I really like on others, but not on me. However, after having seen the display at Maitreya, I decided TP over to Emery, and have another look at the current collection. I was drawn to the lovely coloured sweaters in the shop and picked the blue one to wear. Usually when people make sweaters on multiple layers, they do an untucked version on the jacket layer, and tucked versions on the other layers, but not in this case. I guess it’s just a cropped sweater. So I matched it with Muism‘s high waist black trousers to solve a case of EMS and then went back to Emery for the one shoulder striped top from the Stay Pretty outfit. The scarf is Muism as well, and the arm warmers are from Maitreya. The shoes are the Black Kristin booties from ETD and the earrings were included in Cachet‘s Grace outfit.

The skin is Chai‘s double shot Lily 02 and the hair is Ruby, from Truth.

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