Look of the -it's-been-3-years- Day, December 1, 2009



LOTD091201, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

O HAI!! I just realise today, December 1, it is exactly 3 years since I posted my first SL fashion related blogpost on Second Style. If you want to have a good laugh, check here. I didn’t plan a wintery outfit exactly 3 years after… but it’s kinda funny :-).

Anyway, Thank you all for your ongoing support! Now on to the clothes!

Nordic knit coat by Machang Pichot @ Aoharu
Group gift turtle neck by Cocoro Lemon @ Coco Designs (available in the shop. Wear group tag and click the vendor to receive)
Rebel jeans by Menno Ophelia @ Kari (currently closed *sadface* )
Skin Hope (caramel, dreamy vintage) by Ivy Graves @ Atomic
Hair Grace (night) y Truth Hawks @ Truth
Christmas Munch Faery by Evangeline Miles @ Evie’s closet (I’m no pixel food fan… but Evie’s Munch Faeries are just too yummy!)

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