Look of the Day, August 29, 2009


LOTD090829, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

The snotaap cardigan from Ducknipple makes the idea of the summer ending soon, not too bad, I like this snuggly knitted cardigan, in pinks and purples. I’m wearing it with the blueberry Pinned Flower tank from Très Blah and Kari’s Rebel jeans. The Mauve scarf from Maitreya is adding a nice highlight to the outfit, and I couldn’t resist wearing Miel’s Bella peepers, because they are texture change and have this lovely antique pink/lila option.

I’m wearing fri.day’s Neva 2 in Delighted blond, and Curio’s Beach Sundust dark Jelly fish 2 skin

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