Look of the Day, August 24, 2009


LOTD090824, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

This 60’s look is one of my favourite all time looks. The grapic design of the dress, in RL so stunningly represented by designers like Pierre Cardin or Paco Rabanne and of course Mary Quant has been translated to wearable Mondriaan (Falling for Piet Mondriaan) by Marleen Vaughan from Marlys. The notecards Marleen writes up for her designs crack me up and you really should read them! They’re a good giggle! I’m combining the dress with Michami’s black Noomi jacket, the black wide waist belt from fri.day (I think it’s my favourite item from that shop, they really ave an amazing fit!) and Bax Coen’s black Prestige boots. My glasses are the Ultimate Bugeye Glasses from Fashionably Dead.

I’m wearing TekuTeku’s Bell hair and KA Designs Charlize skin.

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