Look of the Day, August 16, 2009



Weeeee! I’ve stamped and redeemed all my SummerChoice2009 cards, and even gave away some to friends. Really, these stamp ralleys are a thing I always kinda look forward to, because of the amazingly cute gifts that the participants make for it. Like these trousers from Anuenue. I’m wearing them with the Hykova buttoned tank top in Olive Drab from Whippet & Buck, and Surf Couture’s navy freedom flops. The Maco necklace is from Pdiddle.

I’m wearing Exodi’s Lily Dove Blame and Truth’s Maddy in seaspray.

0 thoughts on “Look of the Day, August 16, 2009”

  1. I did the card thing too! I have 3 stamps… but I have to say it is so damn cool, great idea! When we come out of the closet… we can go together 😛 TRAZIA FTW!

  2. Pfffft… you’re just a lazy bum…. I’ll go with you… you need that sheep avatar, now that we have killed the chickens! 😀

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