Look of the Day, April 6, 2009


LOTD090406, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I realise I have Gritty Kitty’s Hoke-Troika hair on again. I just think it’s really cute and sassy and I didn’t bother changing skins after my review of Mai skins’ Mia. Now that I take a second look at this image, It’s a pretty thrown together look alltogether, but I still think it works pretty well. There certainly is no philosophy behind this look :-D. I was scrolling through my inventory and digged up these checkered sailor pants from Boing Fromage, next I picked Michami’s black Stella jacket, which never lets me down, speaking of basics….. the green shirt is the Cole boat neck top from W&B (not available yet) and the scarf is Ce Cubic Effect. I have been trying out several shoes, flats, pumps, ankleboots even, before I decided it was time to pay UBU a visit and get the new drunks and added some green to them to make them match the rest.

You know you can surf to http://slurls.wordpress.com/ for your TP’s, right?

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  1. Sailor plaid pants kit and all those plaid pants elka did back then are my favs, great look Grazia, and that hair really suits you.


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