Look of the Day, April 26 2009


LOTD090426, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I’ve made a colourful mess with Michami’s designer Milla Michinaga’s latest release Ebba. I’m wearing the worn Ebba jeans, with the green Ebba top and the blue and fuchsia Ebba scarves (one to spine and the other to chest). Underneath I’m wearing the pink sheer ribbed top from Popfuzz’lingerie collection and on the underwear layer I’m still wearing Canimal’s suicide girls body graffiti. To stay in theme I’ve tinted a pink snakeskin belt from Shiny Things slightly darker, and I’ve picked the Bright Jelly Tots Bracelet Gold from Freshly Baked Goods to complete the mess, err… look.

I’m wearing Curio’s April Crocus 2 and Artilleri’s Trixie hair (with bandana).

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  1. They are so colourful and combining them makes a really strong statement… it’s happy time!

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