Look of the Day, April 13, 2009


LOTD090413, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

My intermezzo with Mimikri’s new Blossom dress, yesterday, diverted my attention for a bit from the other piece from Mimikri that I was really  planning an outfit with. This Meow snow cardigan is extremely feminine, with a generous cleavage and the frilly accent on the hips, for that hourglass figure. I’m wearing it with Michami’s stella pants and Tuli’s pink sequin tank and opted for Tesla’s Kensington boots in violet to match the tank top. The black bead necklace is from Paper Couture.

I’ve picked PXL Creation’s Grace for the dark eyes and neutral lips, and I’m wearing Exile’s Rayne in Hazlenut, which is a really sassy, sharp cut bob.

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