Look of the Day, April 11, 2009


LOTD090411, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

La Casa del Shai’s Reluctant Seductress dress  has some of the prettiest lace texures I have seen in SL. So when I was contemplating what to wear with Schadenfreude’s Crimson Geraldine Corset dress (love the laced up back!!!), I figured this might just be a good match. And I do like how it turned out. The sculpted nekcline of the top softens the rather in your face sexiness of the underbust corset and the smashing red of the dress. I’m wearing Artilleri’s Paula glasses and Fuel’s See Through Hurt necklace and fyi, I’m wearing stockings from Insolence with the most luxurious shine to it, and Maitreya’s black Verve pumps. I know you can’t see them on this pic, but oh well, for completeness sake, I decided to write it down nevertheless.

I’m wearing Kyoot Army’s dark brown Hot Mess, and Cupcakes’ Seduction Retro in Copper as well as PXL Creations Red1 manicure.

As usual,you know you can head over to http://slurls.wordpress.com/for your TP’s

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