Look of the Day After Loosing Your Inventory

LOTD Oh no

UPDATE: I should have posted this before I went to sleep last night, but I was too tired. I have no idea what has happened, but   about 30 hours after I first discovered my inventory missing, it started to load, and load, and load… and as far as I can see, everything is back now. I have not yet received a response on my second ticket filed with LL, so I have no clue if it is something they have done, or that my SL has just been SEVERELY f*ckd up over the last day or two.

Anyway, I’m insanely happy that it’s all back. I did get myself a Bright Inventory back up system which  Miskat recommended to me and will be boxing and storing stuff over the next few days (both in world and in inventory)

As for my incredible sweet and supportive friends and others who cared enough to IM me or contact me otherwise with kind words, good advice or just a listening ear… you guys really rock my socks. Thank you so much for your support!

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Yup, that’s right… all my folders are empty. All but a few. There are no clothes (bye bye LE Dazzles, LE Last Call and well, really almost everything), no animations (all Sinewave dances, my 1000+ modeling poses except for the ones I had in a stand in world), no skins (including several customs) no scripts, no objects (not even the boxes I have been meticulously saving in case SL would eat an outfit or so)….Basically, anything that was not directly put into a system folder (including sub folders in system folders) has disappeared.

Yes, I’ve cleared my cache, both in world, and from my HD. Yes, I went to beta grid and tried loading my inventory there, yes, I’ve tried tp-ing to an empty sim, and then tried clearing cache again… and again. So I have filed a ticket with LL and hopefully… miraculously, they will be able to retrieve it. I’m sceptic though. I’ve suffered inventory loss before, when I was still pretty new in SL, and nothing ever was retrieved that time as well. Cross your fingers for me that this time is different.

So what does a fashionista do when her stuff is gone.. right… you are, for once in a SL, really happy with busineses like Armidi and *coughs* Stiletto Moody.  “But… Graz… why?” Will you be saying you saying, since it’s known that I’m not particularly fond of either one of them. Well, people, as much as I like hanging around in my Blowpop undies (that’s what I was wearing at the time I discovered that my stuff was gone) I don’t like to go out in them… and both Armidi and Stiletto Moody have *drumroll* RE-DELIVERY systems!!!

I own(ed) a few of SM’s earlier shoes and got them redelivered after I went there and clicked on the items that I knew were supposed to be in my inventory. And Shoparmidi.com has a history of items that you bought from Armidi, both in world and via the site and so I got some decent clothes back to put on. I wish more creators would invest in a system like that. I bet it will save them a lot of CS time, too, when  clients can just come and retrieve from the vendor the stuff that they bought and got lost (or misplaced and went missing).

Stylenotes: The hair is Truth’s Kristin (I know it almost sound like a conspiracy, but my Truth and Exile hair is stil all there), The skin is Dune Cocoa Natural from Dutch Touch (<3 Iki for resending it), The blouse is the Aufren white from Armidi. The belt is a group gift from Coco that I went back to pick up, and while I was there, I could not resist these black pinstripe slacks, which I never owned before (you know… no doubles in case LL for once DOES work a miracle and finds my stuff back). Not visible, but very happy with right now, are the black Mary Jane sandals from Stiletto Moody.

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  1. Aaahhwwww Grazia 🙁 That totally sucks! I really hope LL can fix it for you. But hat’s off..you still look great, even without your whole inventory!

  2. Hi Grazia,
    Same thing happened to me last week. Sasy told me to try logging in with the Snowglobe Viewer and violla… all of my items returned. I hope this helps you as well.

  3. Yeah, I’ve heard trying different viewers might help… and tried a lot from Nicholaz’old school to Snowglobe and coolviewer.. without any result 🙁

  4. Same thing happened to me a while ago…I didn’t lose as much as you though. I lost nearly all my skins, hair, and accessories.
    I tried everything you did and got a note from the Lindens saying they had “fixed” my corrupted inventory “yay…!” except that none of my stuff came back. Honestly there should be a system in place that saves a list of your inventory items so that if stuff is lost, you can get it back. And since then another random hair disappeared..grr..

  5. This does sucketh mucheth.
    I toldja (in plurk) it happened to me last week, and a friend this week. I think uninstalling and then reinstalling SL should do the trick. All of my stuff seems to have come back after a reinstall, it was on a new computer though, but I don’t think that has anything to do with it per say.
    I hope this works for you!
    BTW To have most of your invo missing, you look simply dazzling!!

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