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The inspiration for this outfit comes from the lovely build that CJ Carnot made for the new Tête à Pied sim. It is a gorgeous french station, in the best neo classical tradition with high walls and ciseled pillars. As a matter of fact… I think it is the only space I know in SL where I am not that bothered with the sound of heels clicking, as your heels would make the same echoing sound in a similar RL station…. enough… or I’m going off topic. Anyway, it is reminiscent of the luxury train traveling of the 30’s, and this outfit matches the feeling of that.

The cloche is Siyu Suen’s entry for the EFA Design Awards that I fell immediately and madly in love with and the shoes.. omg the shoes… everyone has been drooling all over Stiletto Moody’s scultped shoes lately… but personally I was not that impressed when I saw them and I think the price is ridiculous. These are made by Storm Schmooz and they are at least as good as Moody’s and they cost only a fraction of the foresaid.


  • Femme en noir by Miko Omegamu @ Icing, L$ 295
  • Vanilla stockings by JW Russell @ Down Undies , L$ 75
  • Désir de Noir shoes by Storm Schmooz @ Storm Schmooz, L$ 300


  • Darling Cloche, hat by Siyu Suen @ Illusions, L$ 100
  • Margeaux white pearls by Caliah Lyon @ Muse, L$ 250
  • Celine pearl drop earrings by Caliah Lyon @ Muse, L$ 150 (2 sets)
  • TaP Heiress handbag by CJ Carnot @ Tête à Pied , L$ 200
  • Logo bracelet by Cora Lu @ Paper Couture, not found in the shop, possibly discontinued
  • White gloves by CJ Carnot @ Tête à Pied, freebie on the sim


  • Skin: Vivant Buff Fleur by Roslin Petion @ Tête à Pied, sim opening skin hunt, not available after 18 December 1 pm slt.
  • Hair Abyss 1984 in smoke by Khai Sinister @ The Abyss , L$ 200

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