Look of the Day 24 October 2008


LOTD081024, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

This outfit started whit Luc’s Kahto choker. We were talking about an extra gem to ad to these sets, and I suggested him a Tiger’s eye. I love the warm golden brown of this stone. He made a tiger’s eye texture, and it looks so pretty on this piece. It made me want to pair it up with more rich colours, and since it’s pumpkin time, this top from Kit Maitland just suited me fine, and I found a matching purse at Cachet as well. The classical bob hair is from Zerlinda Boucher, who is quite new at hair making, but who has some pretty cute styles out by now. Oh well, and while I’m describing today’s outfit anyway, the new Tuli pumps by Fallingwater Cellardoor from Shiny Things made me squee and buy the whole lot sans thinking. The trousers are the black high waist trousers from Muism, and the lace top is part of the Phoenix sweater dress from Celestial Sudios. The skin is Elka, from Chai

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