Look of the Almost Christmas Day


Two weeks to Christmas and my holiday stress is building… X-mas shopping, picking a tree, decorating, determining the menu for boxing day, when my family will join us for supper, the night mare visions of packed alleys in the supermarket, with equally stressed women who have the insane idea to bring their sensitive (so picking up mom’s stress and shamelessly exploiting that) kids… aaaah … the joys of the season.

Speaking of which, the joys of the SL season are countless. Thank you Wilma, for sending me over to Deviant Kitties to pick up these Wynter lights and the Wynter hair in brown. and Eve, for the tip on these awesome nails from Love Soul… so NOT ever for RL, but they are like 10 on the cute scale.
And I fell hard for UBU‘s xmas wellies the moment I saw them on the feed for the first time. The red sweater is from BettiePage Voyager, and the jeans are from Soap. The lovely skin is from Romi Juliesse.

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