Look of the 50 Linden Friday, October 16, 2009


LOTD091016, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

The fishy Strawberry Cuddle Maxipull is one of this season’s favourite, so when I saw this pink one in the 50 Linden Friday (available only today!!), I just had to go get it, and because I think you all should, I made it the base of today’s look. I’m wearing it with the black Whippet & Buck black Hykova Buttoned tank, and Nylon Outfitters black belt as well as Blowpop’s fishnets and Miel’s ebony Lo socks. The riding boots are from Coco, and the gloves are from the Marilyn outfit at Emery. Nait Smith made the Rock’n’Rolla chain Gang Bang female :-).

Today’s skin is from Mai, Mia Sunrise vol. 1, and I’m wearing the Melanie hair from Truth , in mirage.

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