Happy New Year!!!


On the last day of the year I always tend to become slightly melancholic. I count my blessings and wait with anticipation what is to come next year. I remember the people that I lost during the year, and I am happy as a child over the new people that have come into my life. 2007 in Second Life has brought me a few friendships that are very precious to me, and a lot of new people that are just so much fun to hang out with. Thank you all for being you, and being here.

I wish all of you a very happy and very healthy new year. That being said I have put on Shai’s new Caroline Serpentine gown for New Year’s Eve. The blue one that I wear is not available. It is an exclusive colour that I found under my X-mas tree. The gown is available in the Casa in white, silver and burgundy. While trying it on, I was struck both by the loveliness and with the edgy design, so I tried two different looks on.

The classic look is made with ETD’s Roslin in smoke burnt which for me is one of the most classic hairdo’s available in Second Life. The skin is Crys smoke eyes and red lips from Pxl Creations. I love pearls and was delighted with the new strand I was gifted for my RL birthday the other week. In SL some of the finest you’ll find at Muse like the Margaux Draped Pearl necklace and the Celine pearl collection earrings. The shoes that match this gown perfectly are Shiny Things’Classics in blue sea (you don’t see them, but they are there)

For the edgy look I am wearing Gail hair in black by Gurl6, Linda natural smoke eyes from Pxl Creations, the fur collar that Caliah Lyon from Muse sent out as a xmas gift to friends (not in the shop), the exquisite blossom tatoo from Etchd and the unbeatable long black gloves from Tête à Pied. Finishing touch are the Black Thorn Earrings from Gothico.

PS. I am staying with edgy…. be nice to eachother ok?

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