Full of Drama


Earlier this week I picked up the new releases from Rozoregalia, the Bouhachi fur necklace (collar) and dito gloves and today I found the perfect top to style them with at Ricielli. The Valentina shirt is fully sculpted and is beautiful. Easier to fit than I expected too, I just needed to stretch it a wee bit. There also is a scripted version if you’re not comfy playing with the prims by yourself. Since I was at Ricielli anyway, I also picked their Eliza pants to wear with this outfit. Not visible, but still one of my favourites, are the Jori shoes from PixelMode. Beautifully sculpted and easy to tint  the feet. Just the way I like it.

Today’s skin is Laq’s Claudia 2 and the sleek short hair is Escape from Elikatira.

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