LOTD soon, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Oooooh… such speculations… I’ve heard many… who are the people behind It is the question of the week and of course I do have my own idea about the creative forces behind this brand, but, does it really matter? If a content creator, or a group of creators, decide(s) to startup a new brand, under an alt, breaking free from their previous image and conventions, or not, whatever pleases them… should it all keep us captive for days? I don’t think so, people. I’ve heard the wildest assumptions, culminating in the inevitable “it’s Ginny, I know for sure” . For me counts what I see though, and what I see is original and well made content. Basics for now, but with obvious feeling for style and a knack for crisp textures.

I’d like to congratulate the crew with what is already looking like going to be a very succesful launch of their brand, and can only express my hope that they will not neglect their original SL projects.

Clothes and hair by, Accesoires: Scarf left by Très Blah, coin necklace by Armidi. Scarf right by Sey, belt by Nylon Outfitters. Skin Anne by KA Designs.

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