Elven Ears Week


I picked up the latest pre- release from Illusory at Atomic earlier today and when I showed the skin to my plurk buddies, I found out that some of them are a bit allergic to elven ears. Personally I think they are pretty, so for my own pleasure, and – I admit-  to annoy zee haters, I proclaim this week Elven Ears Week on my blog! You know, just because I can!

Like said, I’m wearing the latest Illusory pre- release and it comes with these matching elven ears and adorable antlers.  The hair, Itoko, is from Magika. I adore Magika hair, but for some reason I don’t own much of it. It’s so pretty, though and what I think is a real advantage about this brand is that Sabina offers most of her hairs also mirrored… So you can either wear the bangs to the left, or to the right.

I’m wearing District’s Jeepers cardigan in blue. This new brand from former Phoenix Rising designer Danial Guisse by the alt of Sommer Restless looks quite promising so far. I’m eager to see what he will come up with tin the months to come.  Under the cardi, there is my favorite tank by Whippet & Buck, the flowery Flutter tank top, and for coziness I’m wearing Surf Couture’s slate Yoga pants. League’s mittens and BOOM’s  Righteous muff in smoke.

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