Edy ‘n Ears and Fiddling with shapes

Accessoires Dressy LOTD

Do I need mesh ears? No…
Do I wear a lot of piercings? No..
Were these beauties from Mandala a steal? Hell no!!

Then why on earth did I get these? Err… because they are awesome? and because they have a gazillion (I kid you not) options for playing with the various textures for the piercings and the studs and because I’m a girl and LOVE playing with stuff like that especially when they’re fairly easy to tint and because I’m vain and stuff and just because I WANTED them.

The awesome hat and coat are Edy from Baiastice and out at Cinema right now. I love the spy-ish look that these have (although with ears like Mandala’s you won’t exactly go unnoticed when you try to swap those briefcases).

Over the past few days I have been playing some with my shape. I do that often. Little tweaks here and there, depending on the skin that I use. I have discovered that as long as I don’t touch my eyes, I will still look like “me”. But this time I did a bit more to really make Glam Affair‘s Roza stand out for me. I slightly changed the shape of my head and the mouth is actually changed quite a bit. Also I had a nose job! Seriously, I encourage everyone to play with their shape. As long as you save a copy of your original one, you really can’t mess up beyond repair!


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