Don’t Ask About the Rose


Because, albeit lovely, it’s just a rose…. from Illusions. Comes in many colours and it’s still one of the best made I know of in SL. I’m trying to get rid of the winter in my SL and RL alike and embracing anything that gives me a spring feeling, even if that leaves me shivering in my not so winter attire while defrosting my car’s windows….

Hair and hair base Varsity in Brown 4  by Coma from Bame Denimore
Skin Liu (happy) by Your Skin & Your Shape from Monicuzza Babenco
Tattoo Mash up Dark black by Para Designs from Vicky Werefox
Shirt Deep V light grey  by Coma from Barne Denimore
Top (barely visible, but helping to make the shirt less sheer) Low cut camy sheer rose by TGIS from Freya Olivieri
Scarf Infinity pink by Mon Tissu from Anouk Spot
Skirt Olala stonewashed by LEEZU from Leezu Baxter
Stockings/Socks/ legwarmers no 9 by Dutch Touch from Iki Ikarus
Boots Miss Highland Brown  by Lassitude & Ennui from Jackal Ennui

7 thoughts on “Don’t Ask About the Rose”

  1. P.s. I should say that i had to search the name because it’s the only thing that works on my search page since i updated to the latest Phoenix, otherwise i just sound really lazy lol.

  2. hahahaha… back in the old days when search would work… yeah….. /me puts on her granny glasses and returns to her crossword puzzle

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