Marleen Vaughan is back in the game… well… I don’t think she ever really left, but her shop has been gone for a while now. I loved her creations, and I can honestly say that her notecards were about the only ones I ever really read because they were so damn funny and telling the “story behind the creation”.

So when I was offered a preview pack, I gladly accepted and played around some. I’d love to share this pretty awesome and crazy Telephone hat. If we can expect more of this kind of whimsical and fun accessoires,you can count on me being a regular at Vaughan’s House of Curiosities again!!

Taxi to Vaughan’s House of Curiosities 


Other need to knows:

  • Skin Flutter by LeLutka
  • Hair Details by Elikatira
  • Half rim glasses by Mr. Poet
  • Necklace Fallen Tears by MOOD
  • Cotton shirt (without the scarf) by Aoharu

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