I hear a lot of people complaining again lately that they are being reduced to clouds in SL, and it’s persisting too. Clearing cache, changing outfits, it doesn’t seem to help much.  Fortunately I’ve not been affected by it, but when I came upon this Cirrus Cloud dress from Equus, I just had to have it. The prim skirt has texture animation so it’s actually like clouds are passing by on your skirt. Lovely work by Kitten Soup!

Dress: Cirrus Cloud by Equus
Earrings: Water drop earrings by Paper Couture ( I don’t think these are still available, they’re from 2006, yes, they are pre sculptie!)
Hair: Lovage (powder) by Lamb!
Skin: Danni (CraneBlack Paste) by Vive9

SLurls are listed here

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