Last week I picked up these  basic twitching deer ears from El’n (unfortunately they are closing shortly,  you may want to pick up some of the cute stuff… it’s on a 10 L$ sale!! )  and went from there. I tweaked one of my own shapes to make the eyes all deer-ish and I’m wearing it with LAQ’s Elena skin  and a blush and freckle tattoo from L.Fauna. Truth’s Lila hair in latte is complementary to the innocence of this look.

Still in the Bambi theme, but leaving the brown-ish colors behind, is Oyakin’s Mizutama-onp in grey. I only realised until later that deer have some spots on their fur, so it still fits. The rosemist suspender knee socks from Pig can’t cover up the skinned knees from Cheeky Girl (no longer available) and the boots from Zero Number… which… now that I looked it up appears to be closed [update: i just heard that Zero Number on Drowsy is still open! The SLurl is in the list. The beautiful bag is from Plod. I’ve had it forever in my inventory, and meant to use it before, but it never happened til just now…. and I couldn’t TP to the shop which is still in the creator’s picks… so I just have to assume it’s closed as well…  JEEZ…. so many no longer available items in one post, I’m sorry guys… I’ll be a better girl next time!

SLurls to the shops ther ARE still open are listed here

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