An Uber Vacation

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A much anticipated new monthly event just opened the doors! Welcome to Uber, and this month’s theme is, appropriately so, vacation!

I’m wearing some goodies that I picked up earlier. Like this Rising Tide hair from Exile, with the cute starfish clusters and Essence‘s Alex skin.

The Forge is also participating with this cute Beach bum necklase full of little summer charms, such as a starfish, a seahorse and a tiny sphere with sand and some itsy bitsy shells!

My Nyu top and bottom are from BOOM. Aranel Ah really has a patent on cute and sexy bikinis, and they come in a trukload of colors!

My tattoo is not from Uber, it’s Inermis by Letis, and my tie ‘n dye mani is from A:S:S (Please Pho, don’t change the name… ever! I like shit from A:S:S!)

In the back so you see the beach hut which Consignment has out at Uber. It comes in several colors, so even to have a cluster together will look kinda awesome! That’s about it… at the hut I have the souvenir jars from Sway out, but you can barely see them there… Thry here, they’re epic!

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