All Kinds of Comfy


Rain, hail, thunderstorms… yup, weather sucks and even in the house, I’m having some trouble staying warm. So that calls for extra sweaters and comfy fabrics. Like this retro cardigan from Ducknipple, and the Sarge Henley from Truth. I’m wearing these with the new(ish) Sunrise jeans from Swanson (and Gos’ Posh  booties in maple, but they’re not visible in this crop).

I tattoo’d up L. Fauna’s Lola (pale 2) kisses with Ms. Fauna’s own make ups (blush, ruddy nose and fluffy eyelashes) and I’m wearing Shag’s La Petite Mort in dark copper (this week’s stumblebum offer).

Ooooh… and a special mention for my fellow blogger and poser Luna Jubilee… I’m using a pose from her shop !BANG for this pic!!

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