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In my RL part if the world, it doesn’t really feel like winter yet, but in SL more and more places are getting a wintery look, and lets be fair, in a world where today’s snow is not sleet and mud tomorrow, where it’s always pristinely white and even when it snows all day, you will not be snowed in unless you place the snowdrifts at your door all by yourself, winter is gorgeous and fun!

I went to Wonchewcome Inn Resort resort to take some pics and it’s gorgeous, as you can see. A large log lodge by Rebourne dominates the sim, surrounded by a couple of smaller cabins. Through the entire sim a rustling creek leads your way along the photogenic spots.

As you can see, the wildlife is undisturbed by and absolutely not afraid of the occasional respectful visitor and a small family of beavers works continuously to make their burrow even more comfortable and insulated against the outside cold.

I htink my favorite place on the sim is the skating rink. I must dig up my skates in the bottomless pit that is my inventory and get out again soon to practice some figures!

My compliments to owner Jαxx Lυcιαησ for a beautiful sim. I would love it even harder if there were no full bright surround and some full bright plants and other elements on the sim. Well, the plants can be temporarily derendered for a dusky pic, but if you’d do that to the surrounding mountains, the sim will simply not look so good anymore.

Visit Wonchewcome Inn Resort resort. Here is your taxi

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