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I have promised myself to explore more. After all SecondLife is full of awesome places and it’s almost a shame to stick to just your little plot or limit yourself to your usual circle of clubs and venues.
Today I went to Goatswood. a charming Victorian sim which is home to a RP community but welcomes, or even better, encourages, people to explore thoroughly (explorer tag available) to discover the secrets of the town and the community.


Upon arrival at the station of Mortchester, you will find the usual basic info about the roleplay on the sim and I take the liberty of quoting from the welcome notecard, because it is a lovely introduction to this sim

There are many ancient villages to be found along the country highways and byways of rural England.
You turn a corner in a lane and, there it is spread out before you, an idyllic pastoral scene seemingly untouched by the ravages of our industrial age.
Such a vision is the village of Goatswood.
It is to be found, with some great deal of effort, somewhere in the county of Witchshire, a few miles to the north of Mortchester, the nearest town.


Do yourself a favor, dress up in the clothes of the era. It will enhance your experience when you wander through the town’s streets and alleyways.


Sim data:
SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/NeverlandX/35/50/2003
Rating: Adult

The sim should function, on the surface, as any normal Victorian Village might do, with Characters going about their daily life in the appropriate fashion, role playing normal activities.

However, in Goatswood, beneath this seeming normality of everyday village life, there is a very ancient struggle going on between the occult forces of darkness and light, neither of which ever totally win, but both of whom score little victories against each other over time.

If you are interested in the RP on the sim, make sure you take a look at the books which you will find on every counter of every inn in the town.


Let me know if you’d like to see posts like this more often!



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  1. I love learning of new places to explore in Second Life. You did a fabulous job of giving your readers more than just pictures of the location, you INFORMED us about the location using quotes and gave us pieces of information (i.e. to look at the books in the Inns) to enrich our visit. I hope you do more wonderful posts like this!

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