Red Stick Hunt: Last Day!


[EDIT] I should sleep more… it’s the 19th today… so… grab it while you can…. til tomorrow that is

Wow! Last week literally hundreds showed up at my tiny shop to look for the red stick with some free stuff that I have hidden in there. I have talked to so many of you and it was so nice to hear how much fun it has been, and how people have discovered content creators that so far they didn’t know at all, or never thought made things that they would like.

Anyways, it’s the 20th today, and that means that this will be the last day that you can hunt for the sticks gridwide and collect litterally tons of free stuff for your entertainment.

I would like to thank Laynie Link for the incredible amount of work that she has put into this and I hope her days as a volunteer at the RL festival in Baton Rouge have been as much fun as the whole experience in-world.

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