News from Exile and Belleza’s Best Buys

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With all the event overload, you’d easily forget that there still are regular shop releases too! Kavar Cleanslate from Exile came out with a whole lot of brand new hair and the textures now are HUD based, so you save some space in your inventory, and for every hair color, you can add a variety of high lights!!

And it’s the first weekend of the month coming up, so that means Belleza will have their Best Buys out… 3 faces of Jonas for the gents, and 3 new make ups for Mya for the ladies. Sold at the bargain price of 400 per skin, only for 3 days starting today!!

My eyes, as usual are from Ikon, the hair in the Belleza pic is all by Vanity hair, the clothing in the upper pic is by COCO Designs.

Taxi to Belleza
Taxi to Exile

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