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Glam Affair has released Summer V3 for Collabor88,  in 2 skin tones (America and Jamaica) and a total of 6 make ups for each skin tones, as well as appliers for PXL’s sweetlips. I could not resist and picked up the latest sweet lips release, counting on the usual consistent quality of Mr. Larsson’s items, but guess what… the shape you meticulously altered to fit the first release of sweet lips, doesn’t do it for the new release. Start all over, can’t be bothered. Should have demo’d.  Oh well hey, you can also use the appliers for your old lips (the one your shape is fitted to) or forget about them all together, because the lips on Glam’s skin are maybe even sweeter!

Exile has two awesome styles out for Collabor88, I am wearing the Full of Grace one here because UPDO!!!! The other one you can see here, on Ms Mojo’s blog. It’s so cute as well!!!

The gorgeous jewelry from the Panarea collection that  am wearing is from the talented hands of Gyorgyna Larnia from LaGyo and yes, these too are available at Collabor88, the June edition!


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