Madina by Spirit Skins

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Gosh… how long ago since I actually did a skin review?

Yeah… i don’t remember either. Which is  bummer because I really liked doing them! But with the introduction of mesh bodies and mesh heads, it’s not that you buy a skin like before… you buy a facial applier, and a body applier and hand and feet appliers (depending on the body/hands/feet you use). But today on Gillian’s blog I saw her wearing such a pretty applier on her already gorgeous face that I had to go demo and I ended up buying it! It’s Madina from Spirit Skins and I believe this is their first LeLutka head applier after already having released a couple of Catwa appliers.

Love love love this look on my Chloe head. The facial texture is pretty, with brows that are ” on fleek” and kissable lips. The face comes with 3 brow options… dark, light (which I am wearing and isn’t really light)  and no brow. There is a slight issue with the no brow version because Spirit places the eyebrows slightly higher on the map than most brands do and when you then apply brows from another brand, you will see a weird bit of erased/smudged/slightly lighter than the rest of the face kinda bit.  So I’ll wear the skin with the brows that it came from. Would have been nice if I could have seen that issue on the demo already though, would have helped making a better informed decision. What if I were a strictly white/red/unicorn colored brow girl?

On the Maitreya body applier that I am wearing from Spirit skins, I really like the shape of the abdomen. Subtly defined without being ripped! That’s how I’d love my belly in RL! Pretty belly button too!! I am less happy with the texture of the body over all. It’s pretty smudged and despite that, there are several seams visible on mainly arms and inner legs and my feet… oh well, another reason to go shop some shoes!!

Worth a try? Hell yes!
Top notch skin? Not quite (yet)
Promising? Love to see how Spirit skins will develop over time. Will keep following!

Need to knows:
Hair Base 8 by Tableau Vivant
Mesh head Chloe by LeLutka
Facial applier Madina by Spirit Skins (Uber)
Eyes Yonder by Izzie’s (LeLutka applier)
Mesh body Lara by Maitreya
Mesh body applier by Spirit Skins (available separately at their main store)
Jewelry Imani by Purple Moon
Summer bikini by Poppy (group gift)



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