Luc is Back in Town

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luc-maya-ii    luc-undine

….and with two stunning releases, if I may say so. Maya was Lucas Lameth’s first sculptie piece, back in June 2007. Now he has made Maya II (worn in the left photo), with better stone textures and way more sophisticated sculpties, but with the same organic, stylish ” feel”  that much of Luc’s jewelry has for me. Undine (to the right) is a cascade of gems, and the piece is so very adequately named Undine, since she’s one of the 8 elemental spirits, representing water.  I’m wearing the Dawn Prism version, which has an opaline iridiscence to it.

Further I’m wearing Lionskins fair 30, Artilleri’s new hair Rina in Toffee… kudos for Antie for the new textures, you rock! And my bikini.. my lovely pink, sheer bikini.. It’s an oldie in my inventory by Simone, and must have been one of the first items I ever bought.


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