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I was about to start to IM Kavar if he had decided to stop making hair in SL and then this new release came out. TOO LONG, MR. CLEANSLATE!!!
He has been updating the HUDs that are used to change the colors of the hair though, so I forgive him .The Exile textures are invariably awesome and this release is full of extremely feminine and lush locks!!

I am wearing one of The Shops beautiful skins, Porshia. They are quite outspoken and usually for me, require some shape tweaking. Also, I am still not sure whether to love or to hate their HUD shopping system. One thing I absolutely hate is that I can not add a custom amount of money to my credit, so that there is either always some silly extra amount that I can’t do anything with unless I add way too much money again.
Also, a brow less skin is a great option… but please, do provide your “standard” skin with brows as well. and Then you can use the separately available brows if you want to change. Oh well.. basically that goes for all the normal skin options… lipsticks.. yes please. Give me a good deal… I don’t want to have to buy every single option separately. The skins are unique though. Beautiful and out of the ordinary faces. So I am afraid I will continue to buy them regardless. Silly me….

My dress if from Gizza and the necklace is from Paper Couture.


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