Cutie Moon

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Guys, I am getting old. I have never understood the appeal of Sailor Moon and her friends. Yes, I know of the existence, merely through my younger cousins who did go crazy for the cartoons. So I am not sure you’ll find a lot of coverage about the upcoming Cutie Moon fair, because I’m simply not of that generation. BUT…. I am a skin whore… and I love what Aida Ewing does with Glam Affair, so here I am wearing the ultra cute Brandi skin which she will release for the event, as well as the beautiful Moon hair and headdress by her better half :), Mary, from Tableau Vivant!
Brandi comes in Arctic, Asia, America and Jamaica with 6 different make ups, all GORGEOUS!

Also, there are colored eyebrows! Instead of the usual 8, there are 13, 14 if you count the no brow option! Pretty epic!

On separate layers there is furthermore a more than decent selection of lipsticks, as well as 2 alternative noses, an extra lip gloss and a lip matte tattoo.

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