Coming soon: Tiny Bird


Coming soon: Tiny Bird, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

A couple of weeks ago, Autumn Hykova shared a folder with a lovely updo and tests for her new textures with me, and I fell in love. later I understood that these were not for Pixeldust, but that Ms. Hykova has been working on a new hair brand, Tiny Bird, and has been working steadily to create a collection of lovely, feminine hairdo’s.

I’m honoured she’s been willing to share her unreleased designs with me. From left to right, Giselle in the dark Dragees colour, which can be worn with bangs, like I do here, or without, Charlotte, in cream, which oozes class and femininity and Autumn’s latest Esme, which is a casual ponytail in what may be my favourite of her textures, Café au lait.

The Tiny Bird hair will be available soon.

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  1. Lovely hair! But more importantly, I love the top you’re wearing! Mind sharing what it’s called and where you got it?


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