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I’d like to use the Holidays to thank you all, readers and creators alike, for your continuing support over my past 10+ years of SL blogging adventure!
I hope you get to spend some time with your loved ones, and that you get to recharge some before 2018 is kicking in, which will without a doubt be another eventful and busy year!


December is usually my think-a-lot month… not the best one for me personally, but still, introspection and resetting course is not a bad thing after all! Over the past years, I have seen the SL blogging scene change in a way that I have felt increasingly uncomfortable with. This may partially be due to the fact hat when I started blogging, there may well have been 25 bloggers all together, and right now, it feels like everyone and their mom are having a blog (and often doing a really good job at it too!). I’m just missing the old days, where I interacted with creators, often before they released their new items, testing, picking up the flaws that the creator might have overseen after all the hours of tedious working on that item, and actively contributing to making their next release the best they could do!
Nowadays, no one has time for that anymore, it’s an ongoing marathon, from event to event… from release to release and making sure they offer as many body types as they possibly can as to not piss off people  making people feel left out. And on the other side, they have CSRs, brand managers, personal assistants, blogger managers, blogotex systems etc etc. to make their lives a little easier and yes, I will say it, sometimes ridiculous requirements that bloggers will agree to as well because hey, everyone likes a little support in the shape of blogger packs because blogging is an expensive hobby.

So, long story short, I have decided to pull myself from the blogger rat race… no blogotex or event “assignments” for this lady anymore. I’m leaving groups in the days to come that I have actively applied for as a blogger (I freely admit to happily remain the groups my creator friends have invited me to with no strings attached, because they are awesome and I adore them!) and as of the new year, I will only be blogging when I feel like it, and what I feel like, whether it be a new release, an old classic, a great event or a beautiful sim… but on my own terms, no deadlines, no requirements.  Heck, I might even return to doing actual reviews, when I feel like it, how about that?

Random fashion credits aside, the Sofia jeans from Osmia, currently available at Kustom9 caught my attention. So I decided to take a piccie with it! And the hair is from Monso, out at SaNaRae.



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