New Glasses


 Hai!! Do you remember me? It’s Jinx Petite, one of those girls who little over a year ago put out on Sluicide Girls. True, we’ve been pretty dormant. What can I say, sometimes Life goes too fast to blog about it. But I have been shopping for new glasses because my beloved old ones broke. Yeah, I know, the quality of those things, it’s not what it used to be. After a night out I found myself in a somewhat promiscuous situation, stuck between a wall and a hard … errr.. yeah, it was hard.

And when things got hot, oops, glasses broke against the wall.  No, I did not put pics of when it got really hot in here… Graz will be livid enough as is for hijacking her prim & proper blog as well as her bf, and besides… y’all have enough of a fantasy, no?

The need to knows: Hair Velvet by Truth for previous Stumblebum, ears by Illusory, Skin Linn by Glam Affair, Glasses Hobbyist by Alphavillain (gatcha item) Tattoo Mahuika by HUZ-tats.


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