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She is one of my all time favorite content creators, full of creativity and with high executional standards. Whether it’s clothing, jewelry, shoes or other accesoires, Squintenet Larnia from Donna Flora delivers. Not only that, ever since i translated for her during an appearance on Angie Mornington’s Fashion TV, I have gotten to know her better and she has become a friend of mine. I hope with all my heart that soon she will feel well enough again to create new things and enjoy herself again because lately, Squinty has been fighting a nasty battle against cancer which has kept her from being around much.

In this pic, I am showing ZsaZsa, one of the many beautiful jewelry sets available at Donna Flora. I chose to wear it with the current group gift from Très Beau because its design is simple and is not distracting from the splendor of ZsaZsa.

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Cajsa Lilliehook thought up this project because Squinternet Larnia the Donna Flora creator is recovering from cancer treatment – has not been able to create – has some big expenses (home health aide) and also needs some love. She’s not done anything since mid-December and could really use a sales and an emotional boost. You can see all the other A to Z posts here

Other need to knows: Hair by Exile, skin by The Body Co. eyes by Ikon, belt by Coco Designs, Mails by Je Suis

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