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you go away for a week… 1 week, and LL decides to go gridwide with mesh. Then I come back… and there is SO much to catch up with.but so far, I love mesh. Most of what I have seen so far is very well done, and I’m looking forward to see more creators use mesh for the coming fall season.

However, if you are one of those die hard “I do not tweak my shape because it’s me” kinda people, then you may have a hard time with mesh, because even though alpha masks come with the mesh creattions, if you don’t want gaps or bulging pieces of pixels over  the hem of your mesh fashion, you will have to tweak your shape, as you can’t mod the mesh.

Anyway, on to the stuff:

Hair Claudia by Truth Hawks for Truth
Skin Luus by Iki Ikarus for Dutch Touch
Half Rimmed Glasses by by Hiwinyu Fazuku for Mr Poet
Mary Potter collar (tie edited out) by Ivey Deschanel for Sn@tch
2nd Skin Dress by Janie Marlowe for Jane (mesh, requires v3/ mesh enabled viewer)
Fur vest by Iie Campese for So Many Styles
Ren boots black by Minu Palen for LeLutka (mesh, requires v3/ mesh enabled viewer)


3 thoughts on “Yesh Mesh”

  1. It’s not about “tweaking” your shape… in every case where I’ve tried a mesh outfit or mesh avatar it did not fit my shape *at all*. I am *not* changing my shape that much.

  2. Then probably mesh is not for you. Luckily LL isn’t forcing it on us, it’s merely another option. Also you may want to vote for this JIRA by Maxwell Graf for a way to make mesh more compatible /modifiable instead of having to include every possible size in the folder for people with more particular shapes such as yourself.

  3. I love the outfit you wear on the pic, nice combination!
    Today I have got myself some skirts from Jane, the maxi, and I was thrilled to find out they fit (in shape size ‘ fair’) without having to edit my shape. I can however see that some people will need to tweak or modify to fit into the mesh clothes at this point.

    I tried a gorgeous gown from Rebel Hope, but was happy it was a demo as both provided sizes did not fit me at all, unless I really change Caity…(The ‘normal’ made my nipples peep out of the dress and the ‘curvy’ one was so large I could fit in an extra avatar…). Hehe!

    Overall, I love the mesh clothing and am looking forward to more designers creating this for us ;))

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