Yardsale: Want Dazzle?


dazzle jessica_001 dazzle desiree_001

Voshie, a fellow blogger, owner of Nocturne and darling extraordinaire  is in acute financial need with the risk of being evicted, and some of her friends and fellow plurkers are putting together an impromptu yardsale to help out a bit.  I’m tossing in a couple of my total vintage DAZZLE’s (yep, you read that right, for Voshie I’m willing to part with some of the most wanted retired designs). I’ve just passed them to her, so she’ll be setting them up at Callie’s sim where the yardsale will be hosted for as long as needed (and PLEASE no ranting about Callie being spontaneous and generous to host this ad hoc event!).  Hopefully a lot of people will go through their transferables and donate, and please check back often, because there will be new additions constantly.

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